Triple A Cinema is back in Milan!

The 28th edition of the African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival is about to kick off from 18th to 25th March 2018.


7 day of screenings, 60 films, 4 sections : Windows on the World Competition for Best Feature Film, African Short Films Competition, Extr’A Competition, Flash.


Not only movies. The FCAAAL interesting program is complemented by special events. AfricaAfrica, exploring the Now of African Design and Photography, a compelling exhibition of the best of contemporary African photography.


Beautiful and young! The best of filmmaking from the most talented and innovative African, Asian and Latin American film directors in the section Windows on the World Competition for Best Feature Film.


OF FATHERS AND SONS by Talal Derki – Talal Derki returns to his homeland in this remote village in Syria where he films a documentary on the birth of the Caliphate. His camera focuses on al-Nusra general Abu Osama and his younger brother Ayman, providing a rare insight into what it means to grow up in an Islamic Caliphate where there are hardly any schools left; education consists of reciting the Koran and bedtime stories celebrate the glory of martyrdom.

AZOUGUE NAZARETH by Tiago Melo – The Afro-Brazilian culture of the maracatu, a dance and music spectacle related to carnival with roots in the era of slavery. In Nazaré da Mata, a small town near Recife in Brazil as women and men get ready for the carnival, an Evangelist pastor fights against this “demoniac” tradition.

THE BOMB by Ralston Gonzales Jover – Pipo is in his forties and is deaf. He lives in the slums of Manila with his teenage lover Cyril. He fights daily to make ends meet taking on the thoughest jobs. A dreary portrait of an inhuman megacity.

I AM NOT A WITCH by Rungano Nyoni – A black comedy portraits esoteric traditions and beliefs. The story of Shula, a young girl who is declared to be a witch and sent to a ‘witch camp’ under the care of a creepy, pompous official Mr Banda.

KILLING JESUS by Laura Mora – Paula and Jesus in the poignant and in part biographical story of the emerging film maker Laura Mora. Paula is the witness of the murder of her  father, a professor shot dead before her. Jesus, a young living in the underworld of the Medellín favelas, is the young murder. As she gets to him, Jesus reveals unexpected sensitivity. Paula and Jesus, the portray of two victims of a corrupted and violent society.

POISONOUS ROSES by Ahmed Fawzi Saleh – A skittish portrait of poverty in today’s Egypt. Saqr wants to flee from the dirty and stuffy Egyptian tanners’ district where he lives and works. His sister, Taheya  wants to prevent this at all costs engaging a shaman with an occult solution.

THE NUMBER by Khalo Matabane – Facted based story the film portrays one of the most dangerous prison gangs in the world: The Numbers. Magadien Wentzel is the boss up to the day a young recruit, one of his favorite, is killed. Magadien has the chance to face himself and begin an inner journey.


Us and them. Italy looks at the ‘Other’ with Italian filmmakers that depict cultural diversity  in the Extr’A Competition section.


GRANMA by Daniele Gaglianone and Alfie Nzeun – A rap for migrants, a film to inform them about the deadly dangers of crossing the Mediterranean illegally. The story of  Jonathan, a young boy from Nigeria with a passion for music. His cousin, Momo, who left for Europe, is dead. Jothan sets off for a long journey to tell the sad news to his family.

NIMBLE FINGERS by Parsifal Reparato – Nimble fingers of the Vietnamese women who  work in factories owns by the most popular electronic brands. Their lives are strictly organized by the laws of the productive chain and industrial production. They come from remote village on the highlands of Northern Vietnam like Bay, the main character of the film.

HANAA by Giuseppe Carrieri – Four destinies meant to intersect. Four child brides, four Hanaa from the four corners of the Earth. India, Syria, Nigeria, Perù. Glimmers of beauty in the awful situation of the child brides.


Internationally celebrated features and documentaries, the most outstanding contemporary cinema depicting present day in Africa, Asia and Latin America in the Flash section.


SHEIKH JACKSON by Amr Salama – Blockbuster in Egypt, the hilarious story of a conservative young imam whose faith is profoundly shaken by the obsession for the king of pop Michael Jackson and by the news of his death.


Out of Competition 


DARK WIND by Nila Madhab Panda – A story that intertwines the suicide of a farmer to climate change. Set in Rajasthan, where the drought have led many farmers to kill themselves. Hedu, the blind old father of a farmer, fears that his son can do likewise tries to get in touch with the bank agent. “The God of Death” as the farmers call him.